Dyslexia: Jumpstarting™ Word Skills for Parents

Help your child to focus better, become a excellent speller, read fluently and have neat and legible handwriting.

For many of you who have a child or children with a diagnosis or symptoms of dyslexia, this course will show you a radically new approach to help them learn how to spell in a simple, easy and straightforward way, improve their reading fluency and also develop neat and legible handwriting.

The Jumpstarting™ Process (based on the processes from Empowering Learning developed by Olive Hickmott) uses a strength based model that allows you and your child to explore their strengths and talents and to then use these to acquire the skills necessary for proficient word skills.

The course takes an holistic view and shows the important role that emotions play in both learning and memory, as well as how all learning is based on strategies and how those strategies can be adjusted to suit the individual and their learning needs.

This is part of a larger course that has been used successfully in the UK, Ireland and worldwide with families and within primary schools.

What's included?

21 Videos
12 PDFs

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