Calling all Parents of Bright Children who are Struggling with Basic Word Skills!  

  • Has your child been struggling to learn to read and spell in school this year? 
  • Has homework been a constant battle with tears and high levels of stress?
  • Are you worried that your child will continue to fall behind their peers and may never catch up? 

You’re frustrated, disheartened and disillusioned with what’s on offer from school. 

If your child has a diagnosis of dyslexia you have probably fought long and hard to get this, only to find the school still cannot meet your child’s needs. 

Your child has begun to lose confidence wondering why they can’t learn as quickly as their classmates.

Part of you thinks your child may never be happy at school and may not meet the potential that you can so clearly see...

But giving up is not an option! You love your child and want the best for them! No matter what, you believe that there has to be a way to help them

We know how hard it can be ...we have worked with hundreds of families in this situation...

Sara says, “As a Mum of two boys, both of whom struggled early on in school with phonics, I recognise the pain that so many parents experience when their child is falling behind their friends. Hearing other Mums talk about how well their children were getting on at school and what level reading they were on often left me feeling panic stricken! Would my child end up disaffected and have low self-esteem all through school? No parent wants to face that possibility.”

Paula says, “As a Primary School Principal I witnessed so many bright children fall through the net, despite best efforts from teachers, parents and the children themselves! This was heart breaking to  see as a professional who was passionate about enabling every child to fulfil their potential. Although my school was known as a ‘dyslexia friendly school’, and we had excellent phonic programmes in place, still we were failing some children.”

We both, separately, began our quests to learn whatever we could about what dyslexia really is and how could we make a real difference to the lives of those who were affected by their learning challenges.

Sara Haboubi and Paula Montie here. We are learning coaches and trainers with a combined experience of over 60 years! 

We have worked with hundreds of people of all ages, helping them to overcome their learning challenges, including those with a diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia.

We invested years of our time to research what it was we didn’t know that if we did would be the missing link for those struggling with basic word skills. When we finally found the answer we were amazed!! It was so simple, clear and logical! Paula couldn’t believe that in her 30+ year career she had not heard about this! We knew then that we HAD to share this knowledge with the world! We knew that this was going to make a HUGE difference to the lives of those struggling students, and their families. 

Once we knew how to help students effectively, we were able to immediately start working with families with amazing results and FAST! In fact, once we began more and more families started to book appointments as word began to spread about the fantastic progress the children were making so quickly after learning the processes.

In fact, word spread so much that Sara was invited to run a pilot project with a Primary School in Ireland in 2013 with yet again outstanding results. Since then, between us, we have trained staff in over 60 schools in Ireland and the UK through live trainings and many more via the online course.

The best person however to really help your child is YOU! So, we created a short, easy to use and straightforward programme for you to learn the processes that we use successfully every day.

Let us show you how you can:

  • Finally understand what is really happening when your child is struggling with basic skills, what is preventing them from learning and what you can do to really help them.
  • Share with your child the underlying skill that they have been missing that is crucial for successful reading and spelling (and handwriting!).
  • Break through years of failure and frustration as they now know what they need to be doing in order to be successful, confident and independent learners.
  • Best of all, watch how their self-esteem and self-belief as learners grows exponentially once they realise that there is nothing wrong with them, they are not stupid or lazy, in fact they have amazing talents and strengths that can now be used to the full!
  • And so much more.....

Let us help you help your child become the wonderful, creative and smart person they were born to be - Discover the power of The Jumpstarting System. 

"R had a new way of learning and remember spellings and reading that worked for her learning style. I really found such an increase in her confidence and willingness to try the new technique. Once we had completed the three sessions, homework now takes only 1/3 of the time, she is doing so well in her spelling tests and her ability and confidence in reading has increased so much that she is now reading on her own and enjoying books. She has absolutely flourished and I am so pleased that we did the coaching sessions with Sara. I highly recommended the sessions, since her diagnosis, this has been the most positive experience by far and really boosted her confidence, recognised her strengths rather than her deficits and acknowledged her ability, her intelligence and her coping skills. It seems such a simple technique that the question has to be asked, why are we not using these methods in schools? R’s learning has gone from strength to strength, her confidence has increased and my stress levels have decreased and my confidence in R’s ability to learn has increased. I am telling everyone about the sessions and can highly recommend them.

Thanks so much for your help. it has been so beneficial for R and also for me as a parent."

Mother of Girl - Aged 8

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    An Introduction to the Jumpstarting™ Process for Spelling and Reading

    • The Jumpstarting™ Process for Spelling

    • The Jumpstarting Process for Reading

  • 2

    Your Trainers

    • Meet Paula Montie

    • Meet Sara Haboubi

  • 3

    Module 1 - The Essential Underlying Concepts

    • Introduction

    • Does my child really have a difficulty with learning? 16:07

    • Checklist for Strengths

    • How do good spellers spell? 12:40

    • The impact of stress on learning. 14:48

    • The Grounding Process

    • Grounding - dealing with the unexpected

    • How to develop and control mental imagery. 10:58

    • Eye accessing cues - questions.

    • Discovery questions for mental imagery.

  • 4

    Module 2 - The Jumpstarting™ Process for Spelling

    • Spelling Concrete Nouns. 11:54

    • List of Concrete Nouns - POC Words

    • Spelling Non-Concrete Nouns and Other Words 14:04

    • List of Non Concrete Nouns - Non POC Words

    • 100 Most Common Words

    • Homophones

    • Progress Chart

  • 5

    Module 3 - The Jumpstarting™ Process for Reading

    • An Introduction to Reading and The Brain

    • How we Learn to Read

    • Preparing to Read with Your Child

    • A Reading Session

    • Remembering What We Read

    • Passages to Practice Visualisation

    • Remembering What We Read

    • Moving Forward

  • 6

    Module 4 - The Jumpstarting™ Process for Handwriting and Copying from the Board

    • The Basics of The Handwriting Experience

    • The Handwriting Process

    • Difficulties with Letter Formation

    • Copying from the Board